welcome to my lo0ve queendom

welcome to my lo0ve queendom

Thursday, January 31, 2008

science class makes me goes pukey

hmmm let talk bout today
at sci lesson is was my worst day of all
we learning chapter 7
could u belive it
i was so the pukey
as we have to learnz all those ughhhhh!!!
i just cant say th word outs
there even got reall pics on the textbook
of course all the boys will get u know high
u know why cause they are wat i call
uncivilesd horny boys
they are so excited bout this chapter because
they get to learn , think and say bout the thingy
after nall is science
is a chapter we have to learn
tt why we come ot sch mar
actually is quite okay larhs
is a bit interesting
i tink so for the bois i meen!!!
to me i was like omg why im i learning this kinda stuff
after sci class over
all the boi s
talk and talk and talk bout it
i was like going to vomit any minute
cause i hate tt kinda of stuff
but we have no choice i have to learnt it by heart
cause we will be tested on it
all i knw is puhhh leaseeeee
quickly get over it with tis chapter and go on to the nxt
by this time we are still learning
wat can i say?
well we got no other choice...

im th one and only zihigh dancer

after the dance practise
i feeling tired but i enjoy
i went up so high to dance like a was freaking out!!!
my seniors joyce my another zihigh dancer
said tt i dance so the high with lotsa energy!!!
i cant believe tt why im know as gekmin the zihigh dancer
i meen i went high does not meen tt i take drugs tt make me dance like crazY!!!
of course not larhs
i tink i was like dat because i tink tt im stressed out at homework tt why
i decided to use the cca as to relax myself
i dance till im happy with myself
and u know wat?
i totally relax!!!

it was a mi-re-cal!!!
i meen tis working out work!!!
i dance with my PASSION
dance must dance with this quote :]

Saturday, January 26, 2008


yesterday i have so much fun but tiring
i went to peoples park to buy lots of clothing and stuff
but then sunddenly my brother when hot!!!
i meen he suddenly got fever !!!
my parents were so worry
so we bought panadol for him to cool down and continue the shopping
after tt we head for dinner at great world city
from there we went to VIVO CITY ...
it was so late already but crowded
my mummy and my brothers went shopping
and i followed my dad to the WOODS
is a restuarant tt which belongs his friend
it was so high class and classy
my daddy says tt we will eat here soon
iwas so delighted
another great news is my daddy is one of the 800 volenteers get choosen for the F1 race in singapore.
my daddy promise us tt he will buys us the ticket to watch the singapore fesrt race
man... i cant wait
my family and i decided to got to the vivo roof top to relax
me and my brother decided to walk in the water of vivo we were playing catching then in the water
after tt we went to toast box for chocolate toast
it was so tasty to eat
the chocolate melts in ur mouth...
after tt we went home and have a shower
and a good nite sleep with such a great fun day

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the day i saw a girl dancing like a stick man (woman) and a retards

it was totally hilarious
she was acting cute at all the times
my friend were totally laughing so m i
cause what knid of dance is tht ?
she dance like retarded!!!
i didn;t meen to laugh at here cause my dance
also not so good
but if u were there i tell u tht u will busrt out laughing
okay i should not laugh at other ppl
but it was so funny
but i wont continue and further
we should consider other ppl feeling
and help them to improve on what they are weak at and what we are strong in it
i meen they also don want this to happen but they are born like tt
not born to be a great dancer
well who knows
maybe some other time
they may dance better than what u can tink

Monday, January 21, 2008

hello bloggers!

hello im new here :]
hope tt i can make newest friend at bloggers
im gekmin
thirdteen at this year
totally single
144 cm proudest :]
loves emotion
i think tt all bah
i have introduce abit of myself at joan(my best frend) blog
okay erm my full name is ong gek min
is not geek for the center word don pronouce wrongly
or i'll be nasty
short form OGM
stand fer Office General Manger
stand fer Online Game Master
stabd fer Old Grand Mother
cld u believe tt the third stand?
people call me tt are
uncivilesd baberdos
okay want to know more leave me comment

i have forgive my little sister

on this very day i have forgive my sister
and i think is time for me to forget the past
and renew it :]
i was so angry with her cause
she say tht my family are bad people
i was angry
cause she insulted my family
i have have to stand up and protect my family
she said she regret tt she say all this stuff and lost a sis; me...
i do not know is she telling the truth of the lies
cause everyone cant be trusted sometimes even me...
i have decided to let go of my anger against her
but i have left her a comment tt at friendster tt
if she does it again
she will really maybe lost a sis
cause i have no choice to forgive her
as she does it again after a ferst warning
but in my heart i trusted her
cause she my dear sister
and i as a big sis cant bear grudges on her
cause i still love her